Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mother & Baby Awards

Last night was the Mother & Baby awards, these awards are the result of tests carried out by real mums and dads so great for getting tips and looking at products if you can't make up your mind

Each award is split into Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

In the best sleep product category The Gro Company won gold for their GroBag, having heard so many positive things from friends I think we will definitely buy some of these for bump.  Best Bouncy chair, rocker or seat category, gold was given to BabaBling for their RockOut chair, to be honest I hadn't heard of this so will be looking into this in more detail.  In the Innovation of the Year category Boots received gold for their non-contact thermometer, what a great idea!!  You don't have to wake baby if they are sleeping and if baby isn't feeling well they probably won't be very cooperative, again worth a further look into this I think.

We have purchased the Britax Affinity Travel System for bump, we did A LOT of research when we were looking into travel systems but you still worry could you have got a different one, was there something you missed.  Britax Affinity won gold for both their travel system and their pushchair so I feel very reassured we made the right choice.  Joie stages car seat won gold in best mutistage car seat, another brand I don't know that much about so will be looking into them further when we need to be thinking of our next car seat. 

I have a Pink Lining changing bag, I fell in love with them even before I found out I was pregnant!  They received Silver in the changing bag category, gold was given to Rosebud.  Rosebud also seem to be half the price of Pink Lining so great if you don't want to spend too much money on a bag!  Gold in the best baby carrier, sling or back carrier category was given to BabyBjorn, again I have heard nothing but praise for this brand.

We have bought the Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano gym for bump, it was a really good deal on Amazon.  It was awarded silver in the best baby toy under 12 months category.  Gold was given to Sophie La Girafe teether, I've seen a few people mention this on social media so think I will look into it further.  Gold for best product for a newborn was given to Ewan the dream sheep, I really need to get one of these for bump!

Gold in the best reusable nappy category went to TotsBots Easyfit whilst gold in the best disposable nappy category went to Aldi Mamia range.  Best Breastfeeding top/bra gold award went to Frugi for their Pointelle top, if I am successful at breastfeeding I may invest in one of these.  Gold in the best product for breastfeeding went to Lactaline for their double electronic breast pump whilst gold in the best product for bottle feeding went to MAM for their milk powder box.

The awards have definitely given me lots to think about and I will definitely be looking into some of these products in more detail.  I am also really happy  with products we have purchased already.

Check out all the winners yourself! These still plenty of categories I haven't covered.