Monday, 11 November 2013

35 weeks

Today I am 35 weeks pregnant, I can now count the number of weeks I have left on one hand, exciting!!!

I think my bump is slightly lower than it was last week, there seems to be more at the bottom.

According to the pregnancy update emails I get bump now weighs the same as a honeydew melon (again with the fruit) and measures about 47cm.  Apparently all his major organs are pretty much developed and he will spend the remaining weeks putting on weight.  I haven't noticed any distinct hand or feet marks on my belly when he moves, its all still a big lump but he is moving lots!  I can feel his back on the left side of my belly and feel his feet in my ribs and at the top of my stomach.  I also notice a lot of movement by my belly button on the right side, I'm not sure if that's feet or hands though.

I'm honestly not sure if I am experiencing Braxton Hicks or not.  I have felt some period-like pains in my lower stomach and there are times when my belly goes solid but this isn't painful.  I have felt quite exhausted over the weekend even though I haven't done much and felt a little nauseous at times, all par for the course with pregnancy I think.

I have noticed that bump is reacting more to sounds, he kicks when I wake up in the morning and speak with Mr M and when Mr M has been watching the football and getting quite vocal there have been lots of kicks too.  Apparently his eyes now dilate to the light outside my belly, I have tried shining my phone on him when I am in bed but I've had mixed results.

Can't wait for him to arrive!!