Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Nursery Trader and Pushchair Trader awards

The results are out for Nursery Trader and Pushchair Trader Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards 2013.  These are great for mums and dads as the products have been tested by other parents.  As a first time parent it can be difficult to decide which products to buy.  These awards can help you make up your mind as well as find products you might not have even thought of!

I had never heard of the Buggy Tug or Infoband but like the sound of both products and will be looking into them further.  We also want to have fun things in bumps nursery but want them to be educational, I love the sound of the Gro Company height chart stickers.  As you might have read on my previous blog post I am still undecided about which nappies to buy, I have been pointed in the direction of TotsBots easyfit reusable nappies before but the fact they have won the Gold award I think I will definitely give them a try.  I was also very intrigued by all the products in the Most innovative and New to Market categories

Check out the results for yourself, you never know what you might find and you might be surprised by some of the results too