Tuesday 5 November 2013

Haberman Suckle Feeder

Whilst I am going to give breast feeding a try and hopefully it will work I have also been thinking about whether or not to express my milk at a later date or not.  My main thinking behind this is to give Mr M the opportunity to take part in feeding bump, I want him to be involved as much as he can be and yes he can have all the lovely jobs like changing nappies and bath time to help bond with bump but I really think he would enjoy feeding too.

One of the biggest reasons that put me off expressing milk is that if breast feeding works I don't want to start confusing bump by introducing a bottle.  Bottle's appear much easier for him to drink from as they flow and I don't want him to lose the suction techniques he needs for breast feeding.

Haberman's Suckle Feeder bottle could be the answer to that issue.  I had recently seen these at the Baby and Toddler Show at MediaCity in Manchester and was impressed.  I joined their Facebook page (Haberman) and they do regular giveaways of the Suckle Feeder, I was lucky enough to win one

Haberman state that their Suckle Feeder works in the same was as breast feeding therefore the baby doesn't need to learn a new way of feeding and you can combine bottle and breast feeding together. The Suckle Feeder filters out bubbles and froth so helps your baby swallow less air, which reduces colic.  The teat remains full at any angle so your baby can feed in a natural position whilst reducing excessive milk flow so your baby can feed at its own pace. As the teat is closed and creates a separate chamber, this results in a more natural suckling system that responds to the lip, jaw and tongue pressure, plus the low negative pressure created when your baby feeds, which is the same as breast feeding.

I'm still not sure whether I will express milk or not but if I do I will be trying this bottle first and if it works I will definitely be buying more! Watch this space.

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