Wednesday, 6 November 2013

What's in a name?!?

The first thing people ask when you tell them you're pregnant is "are you having a boy or a girl?".  This is closely followed by "have you chosen any names?".  I have to say I find the second question much more stressful than the first!!  My current response is "no, we can't agree", which is half true.

Picking a name for your baby is such a huge and important decision! I had a Dr appointment today and she asked me about names (see response above).  She stated that a number of parents she had seen recently had given their babies "Baby names".  She stated she thought the names were cute but only suitable for children and not adults.  This is the problem - everyone has an opinion!!!

We want to pick a name that is unique and different without it being ridiculous.  I don't want him to hate us as he's growing up.  Friends have tried to be "helpful" and give their opinions of names, many which are lovely but not for us.  Mr M wants a name that can't be shortened - narrowing our options.  I have mainly nursed men throughout my career and don't want a name that reminds me of a client - narrowing our options.

One of my friends is due a few weeks before me, also expecting a boy.  She is struggling to pick a name too but her issue is that she wants a name that goes with the name of her other little boy.  Thankfully we don't like the same names so there's no worry of us naming our boys the same.

We've looked through baby name books and didn't find that particularly helpful.  Some of the names in there are just plain ridiculous, even celebrities would avoid some of the names thinking they were too much.

Early in the pregnancy we talked about girls and boys names, we had a long list of girls names and very few boys.  When I shared the names with friends no-one directly came out and said "horrible" but there was some nose curling and frowning.  Then they would suggest names and it was my turn to frown.  After our 20 week scan and we found out we were having a boy we decided that any names we thought of we would keep between the two of us - which we have done but people are persistent!

I worry that when he arrives he won't look like a [insert name here].  I have said to Mr M I would like us to have a few names just incase this happens but Mr M doesn't agree, he thinks whatever name we pick now will suit bump.