Friday, 22 November 2013

Baby Shower or Wish list

Baby Shower's seem to be gaining in popularity in the UK as we follow the trend from the USA.  I have had a discussion with my friends, some of which are pregnant and others who have young children to find out how they feel about this trend.

Everyone said they felt that having a baby shower was an excuse to get people to buy you presents.  Everyone felt that they didn't want friends and family to feel like they have to buy the baby a present and you are having a party for this purpose.  My married friends stated they felt that having invited people to their wedding and had presents bought for them for this occasion that it would be rude to have a baby shower and expect more gifts.  My unmarried friends were also not keen on baby showers due to the expectation of gifts despite not having a wedding or occasion where people had bought them and their partner gifts.

 All my friends stated that if people wanted to buy a gift for the baby once they were born that this was their decision.  Everyone said they were happy for friends and family to visit their new baby and if they brought a gift that was a nice thought.

We then discussed whether everyone thought a wish list was a good idea.  We talked about this from the view of new parents and friends and family.  Most stated that they want to get people gifts that they want or need rather than wasting their money on something they already have or don't want.  From the view of a new parent though everyone stated they felt a little anxious about sending wish lists as they weren't sure how they would be received by others and they didn't want to appear pushy.

Mr M & I have created a wish list on Amazon.  Our reason for doing this was that we have been really organised and bought bump items throughout the pregnancy, we have also bought things when we have seen them on sale to save us some money.  Friends and family have been asking us what we need and whilst we have told them they don't have to buy him a gift we thought a gift list would be a good way of showing people the things we like and give them a wide choice of gifts.  We also said in the email we distributed that people don't have to buy anything off the list.

It is a difficult decision to make and everyone is different and do what makes you feel comfortable.