Sunday, 10 November 2013


You always hear about pregnant women getting weird and bizarre cravings.  There are also plenty of myths that you hear - if you crave sweet things you're having a girl, if you fancy savory things they say it's a boy.

I have been lucky in the weird craving's department, I haven't fancied eating coal, dirt or wax like some people I've heard.  I have been taking my pregnancy vitamins daily so I'm not sure if that has helped as my body will have been getting a good mix of nutrients from them and my food.

I have had cravings for sweet things though - cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocolate - I don't care as long as it's sweet and tasty!!

Early on friends were telling me I was obviously having a girl, some were quite shocked after our 20 week scan when I told them bump is definitely a boy.

To make matters worse Mr M is a Type 1 diabetic so we don't usually eat sweet things.  There have been a few occasions where he has had a hypo and instead of having his usual jelly babies to help bring his blood sugars back up he's dipped into my sweet/chocolate stash.  I've tried to be healthy and eat a lot of fruit but it just doesn't cut it.  I do have fruit with my lunch to try and stave off the cravings until mid afternoon at least. 

I don't even realise how much I am eating, a share size bag of malteasers can vanish in no time and when I won a Jelly Bean hamper I had to end up giving bags of jelly beans to a friend as I had no willpower and would devour bags in no time.  How I'm not the size of a house I don't know!!

I'm lactose intolerant so really should stay away from chocolate.  They do make lactofree chocolate but again it just wasn't hitting the spot, there have been days where I have been bad and eaten chocolate - it's been delicious and lovely.

There are odd days where I just want to eat some crisps, toasts or sometimes olives but these days are few and far between

Hopefully bump won't have a sweet tooth (or be diabetic) when he's born!