Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pets - introducing baby

I have had my cat Colbey (I didn't pick the name) for 11 years.  I got her from Cat Protection in Montrose when I was at university in Dundee.  She was about 18 months old at that time.  We've been through a lot together and she is like my baby in some ways.  The reason she had been given to Cat Protection was the family who had her had 2 young children who tormented her so they gave her up.  Throughout the time I have had her she has always hidden when my friends come over with their children (usually under the bed) and won't come out until they have left.

I am worried as to how she will manage once bump arrives, I voiced my concerns to my midwife at the time, who looked at me like I was daft and said "your baby is more important than your cat".  Thankfully I have a different midwife now but my worry is still there.  My dad keeps saying we have to watch the cat doesn't suffocate the baby - not that I think she would do this on purpose but babies are warm and smell of milk.  We have bought a cat net for the moses basket, etc but having read reviews I'm not too sure how effective this will be.

To prepare Colbey for her new family member we have put the moses basket in our room where it will be once bump arrives.  We thought we would acclimatise her to this early so it wasn't a shock.  To be honest she hasn't even been that bothered with it, no jumping in it or anything she just lies beside it giving herself a wash - hopefully a good sign!  We have kept the nursery door shut ever since we found out we were pregnant.  One thing Colbey can't stand is a shut door, she's far to nosey thinking there is something exciting happening on the other side.  She hasn't been bothered by the door being shut and when we have been putting things in the nursery we've allowed her time to have a sniff around.

Colbey is a house cat, mainly because I lived in a number of flats on busy roads throughout my student days and I didn't want her getting run over.  She was never bothered about going outside until we moved to the house we are in now.  My worry now is that shes an old lady and has no road sense.  She has always been a little spoilt and is quite an affectionate cat.  Over the past few months she has been more affectionate with me, wanting cuddles a lot and sitting close by me.  I think she must be able to sense there's something different. On occasion when she has sat very close to bump and he's been wriggling she's given me a dirty look and moved away.

Any suggestions on things others have tried would be very much appreciated, hopefully I am worrying about nothing and she will be fine