Thursday, 14 November 2013

Hospital Bag

Not that I am expecting to go into labour early but I want to be prepared so I've packed most of my hospital bag already, I don't want to be rushing about (or asking Mr M to rush about) last minute, we would forget something!!

I feel that my bag might be a little small, which also makes me think I'm forgetting things.  I have compared my bag to lists available on the internet from the likes of Mamas & Papas and Bounty.

In my bag:-

For Me -
- nightie
- 2 pairs PJs
- 1 vest top (incase I have a water birth)
- 5 pairs Primark big pants
- 4 x 2 packs of breast pads
- toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, moisturiser)
- slippers
- hairbrush & 3 bobbles
- pack of 10 maternity pads
- 2 flannels

I still need to put in my coming home outfit and my nursing bras, I ordered the bras yesterday so hopefully they should be here in the next few days.  I also need to remember a camera and my notes.  My notes are in my handbag which I doubt I will take to hospital with me, we might need to put a sign at the front door saying "don't forget notes" as a prompt 

For Bump -
- 3 x vests
- 4 x sleepsuits
- 1 sleepsuit for coming home
- pram suit
- 2 x mittens
- 2 x hats
- 8 nappies
- muslin square

I am also going to make up a little bag of food, this weekend when we go shopping I am going to get some sweets, cereal bars and sugary drinks.  Not only will these be for me but Mr M is type 1 diabetic so he needs to keep an eye on his blood sugars, I don't want him having a hypo as I give birth!  I'm also going to encourage him to make up a bag for himself with some essentials incase we are in hospital for a while, but that's up to him.

If there's anything that I've forgotten please let me know!!