Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Neurotic Pregnancy Moments

As my pregnancy is coming towards the end I find myself being neurotic AGAIN!

At the start of the pregnancy my worries before my 12 week scan were centred around the fact that when we went for the scan, would the baby be healthy and growing as it should.  One of my good friends and also a work colleague had miscarriages so this was always at the back of my mind.

Following the 12 week scan and finding out everything was ok (phew!) I was then bombarded by people telling me what I should or shouldn't eat, what I should or shouldn't do, even what shampoo I should or shouldn't use.  It was an overwhelming minefield of information!!  I had a few issues at my work as well which didn't help matters as my boss (a man) didn't understand when I told him there were some roles and some clients I wouldn't be able to undertake or see.

I then felt like everything settled down and I began to enjoy my pregnancy, especially feeling bump kick and wriggle about, that is definitely my favorite part about being pregnant!! Especially when I poke him and he pushes back at me, I have in my head he's giving me imaginary high five's (although it's more likely he's telling me to leave him alone!)

A friend of mine is 3 weeks further into her pregnancy than me and its been great having her to talk through things with.  She is now at her due date and has been for a sweep (which sounds utterly delightful).  She has also been tested for Strep B due to having to go into hospital at one point in her pregnancy and was found to be positive, my midwife just brushes off my concerns when I ask her about this, which is a worry.  What if I am positive and no-one (including me) knows!!

Another thing the midwife tells you is that if there is a decrease in movement to contact the hospital.  Bump has active days, very active days and sleepy days.  On his sleepy days I get myself in a panic thinking should I contact the hospital or not.  Discussing this with my friend her baby doesn't appear to have any regular movement pattern either.  I usually give him a prod and a poke to get him to move and stop my panicking.  Also I have experienced Braxton Hicks but not that many (that I am aware of).  Is this normal?! Should I be experiencing more?  I'm also getting myself in a panic about getting to hospital, especially if he decides to show up at Christmas, we can't expect our friends to drop everything to help us out.  

We bought a fetal heart monitor near the beginning of the pregnancy, we used it quite a lot at the start and recorded bump's heartbeat to send to family and close friends who don't live close by.  We haven't used it for months though, but now I find myself thinking about getting it out just to check bump is ok. 

I'm hoping these are normal worries for a first time mum, I know I am being daft most of the time but I can't stop the thoughts from coming into my head.  Maybe its the fact that this is all unknown and I have no control over anything that happens that makes it worse.

I must remember to enjoy these last few weeks and BREATHE!!!