Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Could this be farewell?

Over the past few weeks I've been thinking about my blogging future.

Reading everyone's posts about Britmums Live has made me think about things even more.

I enjoy blogging but sometimes I find it difficult to find the time to fit it in. Weekends are all about family time now Mr M is back to work. Evenings are about relaxing once Baby M goes to bed, which isn't at a set time yet.  Depending when he gets up & the day I'm exhausted & just want my bed.

During the day it isn't possible as Baby M won't go down in his cot for a nap my whole day is spent with him. We are also starting more baby groups & classes this week. These are not only for Baby M but also for me as I have been getting quite lonely during the day & want to make some mummy friends - my "pre baby" friends seem to be making themselves scarce.

I am also joining a running club & a zumba class this week. Another way to try and make friends but also lose my baby weight, I'm sure I'm getting fatter not thinner!!

I go back to work in 2 months. I enjoy my job & it can be so rewarding but it is also challenging and exhausting at times, I know I will just want to come home, have cuddles from Baby M & switch my brain off with some tv once he goes to bed. Family time is going to be even more important once I'm back to work.

So when do I blog?!

Maybe my priorities are wrong. When I do something I like to do my best & I'm just not sure I can give my blog my best. Seeing everyone's blogs that went to Britmums Live they all put so much time & effort to make them amazing. I don't want to blog if I can't do my best & make it the best it can be.

So for now this is farewell but it may not be goodbye

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mummy guilt of leaving baby behind

Tomorrow we go to Italy until Sunday - without Baby M

Mr M won the trip last year and the company have let us take us this year as I was quite near my due date last year and couldn't fly.

My mum is coming down to look after Baby M so he will still be at home and in surrounding he knows and he loves my mum.  I think she's really excited about Granny time with him

I do feel really guilty about leaving him though.

The break will be lovely and some quality time for me and Mr M together will be great.  As we don't have family where we live we haven't really been out just us in a LONG time.

I still feel guilty though

I know he will be fine and well looked after but I still feel terrible leaving him.

Has anyone else been away without Baby?  How did you cope?

 Obviously I won't be blogging when I'm in Italy so I will be back blogging next Tuesday, have a great weekend all!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Party in the Park RAF Leuchars

Last weekend we were in Scotland visiting Mr M's family.  His dad (Gramps) is serving in the RAF at Leuchars and they had a family day/concert as the base is closing this year and going to be used by the army.  The 'Party in the Park' was a way for current and previous families to celebrate their time on the base.  Mr M had worked on the base as a civilian when we lived in Scotland.

The line up looked good.  Gramps was looking forward to Big Country

Although it was a free event we all had to wear our wrist bands.

Now the one thing you can't guarantee in Britain is the weather.  The Friday had been glorious and the Sunday was forecast to be hot (which it was and we had a family BBQ - fantastic time was had by all).

As we started to walk to the venue we could feel spitting - it's ok it'll pass.  As we got to the venue the heavens opened!

Baby M was fine as he was in his pushchair cosy under his waterproof cover.  We got the brollies out and do what the British do best - go to the bar!

The setting was beautiful - the weather not so much.  It kept raining heavier and heavier.

Unfortunately due to the weather both flying displays were cancelled.

Once Big Country had played the fireworks started and the day ended an hour early.

If the weather had been better it would have been fantastic but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there was a great variety of families and some with 3 generations like ours all enjoying a day together

I've linked up with Coombe Mill's #CountryKids, go check out what others have been up to

Monday, 16 June 2014

6 months old - that's half a year!

I can't believe Baby M is 6 months old!! I know I say this every month but time is flying!!

Baby M is becoming more and more interested in his surroundings.  He is fascinated by his reflection and loves watching himself on the ipad when we Facetime family.  He grabs hold of the ipad and tries to "kiss" himself - so cute!!!

His hand/eye coordination is getting much better too.  With help he's been putting shapes in the right holes with his toy (we have a genius!)

He is able to sit up by himself for much longer.  There have been a few face plants but always onto something soft so he hasn't hurt himself yet.  He has to learn to put his hands out to stop himself - we can't wrap him in cotton wool.

He loves rolling and now when we go into him in the morning he is sleeping on his front.  I have to say it worries me about whether he can breathe but he has always preferred sleeping on his front when he can so I'm not surprised he gets himself into this position.

He is trying to crawl and gets mad with himself when he can't.  He lifts his head up really high but then when he moves his legs he lets his arms go out to the side.  Once he realises he needs to combine both together I think he will be off.  He's lifting his bum well off the ground and getting his legs underneath himself.

He likes being in his walker, I don't put him in it for too long as I know it's not great for development.  He stamps his feet on the ground like he's running but hasn't moved forward yet - he's gone backwards a few times though.

Standing is still his favourite thing to do, he loves standing on the carpet and grass, I think he likes the feeling under his feet.  He will pull himself up to stand on us.

We still have no teeth, I wish they would hurry up!! He seems in pain at times and chews on his fists/toys/us. 

We are well on our weaning journey.  He has 3 meals a day - or should I say tastes a day.  He is eating more and more each week.  He doesn't seem to like my cooking, preferring jars and pouches.  I feel like a bit of a failure as a mum when I give him a jar, there so much pressure on making your own.  I think it will be easier when he's on finger foods and can have things a bit more lumpy.  I keep trying him with water but he really isn't impressed.  Perseverance Mummy!!

We've just been talking to the inlaws about having them for Christmas - I can't believe he will be 1 by then!! Time slow down please!!!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Half Marathon training - week 6

This week I managed 3 runs.  I also did 2 days of ab blaster Nike Training App. 

I've also started the 30 days Abs Challenge.  It's something else that will help me get my goals and gives me focus.  A lot of my friends are doing it too

My distance was a 2.6 miles run followed by two 3 mile runs.  I'm finding the first part of my run the hardest, once I've done about half a mile I feel much better and get into my stride and enjoy the run.

I'm still using my FitBit and finding it a great motivator.  I try every ay to beat the number of steps I did the previous day.  The weather has been nice so I've been out walking every day 2-3 miles pushing Baby M in his pushchair, on top of my runs.

I also met a friend of a friend on a night out who has just joined a running group and is also looking for a running partner.  Whilst I don't think we would be able to go on every run together is good to have someone to go out with every so often.  I'm looking at whether the running group is something I would be able to do too.

We are going to my inlaws this weekend and I wasn't going to take my running stuff due to not knowing the area but there is a main road I could run so I'm going to take my stuff and hopefully get out.  I have no idea the distance but at least I will be running.  We will be doing plenty of walking even if I don't get out for a run

Looking forward to getting out for at least 4 runs next week

Thursday, 5 June 2014

We're back to waking in the night

Baby M has generally been a great baby during the night.  Yes he woke a lot when he was tiny but he would have is bottle and go back to sleep.

When he was about 4.5 months old he started sleeping through the night - going to bed at 7pm and waking about 5am.  I know 5am is early but 10 hours sleep is pretty good!

His napping during the day varies, some days he hardly naps and other days he has longer naps in the day.

2 weeks ago when we had the warm weather Baby M started waking up throughout the night, a few times each night.  He would only settled being shushed by one of us.  We were knackered so brought him into bed with us a few nights to get some sleep.  I know this is a bad idea but when you're exhausted you do anything just to get some sleep!

For the past week he has been waking about 1230-1ish and having a bottle then going back to sleep until 430-5.  He has a whole bottle every time.

He still goes to sleep about 7pm.

I know we should try and get him to stay awake later but even when he has stayed awake until 8pm he wakes at the same times.

Is he thirsty because its warmer?  Is he going through a growth spurt?  Will this last forever?

I have no idea but at the moment I don't know what else to try.  We've put blackout blinds up in his room but that doesn't seem to have made much difference.

Has anyone else gone through anything similar?  Any Advice??

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Our weaning journey

The recommendation is that you try not to start weaning until your child is 6 months old.  We couldn't wait that long as Baby M just wasn't getting satisfied by his bottles.

I feel like I have no idea what I am doing.

Yes there are some great guides out there but I still feel a little lost

Breakfast is well established, Baby M loves his porridge.

Baby M still has a bottle at every "meal time" as I don't think he would be getting enough nutrients from food at the moment

We have been introducing different tastes & textures.  At both lunchtime and teatime. 

Butternut Squash
Sweet Potato



Baby M's response to a lot of food we've tried can best be described as a shudder.  It reminds me of when you try something bitter and your whole body shudders.

I tried him with a jar too - Sweet Chicken and Potato.  His reaction at first was a shudder but then his mouth kept opening for more.  This is a better reaction than with some of the vegetables I've made from scratch as he usually shudders then clamps his mouth shut.

My plan is to start mixing foods together.  I have Annabel Karmel's book - New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner so I am hoping some of these will be a hit.  I really want to try and make my own food rather than use jars.

How has weaning gone for others?  What struggles did you have?

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Swimming Class - Intermediate 1 - week 3

This week I feel that we have made a breakthrough with swimming.  This week Baby M did and underwater swim and immediately recovered.  There was no crying through the lesson either.  Mummy and Daddy  were so proud!

This week we did a few new swims as well.  Usually we do kicking in the pool on our backs, this week with did back and front - Baby M enjoyed both. 

We were given a fish to throw around the pool and baby to swim after the fish.  Baby M loved this!! So much so that when he had to hand the fish back the bottom lip came out. 

We progressed Ring a Ring a Roses so that parent and baby went under at the same time.

Hopefully things will continue to progress, he's doing so well

Monday, 2 June 2014

World Cup Sticker Album - a man obsessed

Until I read Brummy Mummy of 2's post on her hubby's obsession with the World Cup Sticker Album I thought I was on my own.

Mr M became obsessed with the sticker album.  It started off as something he wanted to do for Baby M as it's his first World Cup.  Hmmm I was skeptical!

Mr M, like many men in their 30's, had the sticker albums when they were younger.  There was a report on Sky Sports news one morning last week that the stickers are mainly being bought by men in their 30's trying to recapture their youth.  Yep that sounds familiar!!

On the first day he got the album (which is free!) and 20 packs of stickers.

Things then began to spiral out of control.  He bought a box of stickers from Amazon - a box contains 100 packs of stickers!!

Suddenly we had lots of swapsies (a new term to me, along with shinnies!). 

Feeling that I had been quite understanding no more stickers were allowed to be bought and Mr M found a website that people could swap their stickers.  He used www.laststicker.com but there are a few to choose from.  As he was no longer school age and non of his friends were collecting the stickers it was the only way for him to get the stickers he needed by swapping. 

He put his stickers in numerical order so they were easy to find when people asked for swaps.

Nightly "deals" took place and small packages started arriving in the post.

Within 3 weeks of buying the album he had completed it!!!  Well over a month before the World Cup even started. 

Is Baby M thrilled that "his" album is completed?? I'm sure he's over the moon!! I know the big kid in the house is very chuffed with himself for completing the album.