Thursday, 7 November 2013

34 week midwife appointment

Today we had our 34 week midwife appointment, from now on we will be seen every 2 weeks

The midwife checked my BP, urine and had a general chat about my health.  This was the 3rd midwife we have seen throughout the pregnancy so I had to tell her all about my back and hip pain again, she went through all the exercises and aids that can help - which I've been trying and using.

The midwife then measured bump - which is measuring at 33 weeks.  I've been measuring a week behind every time so I'm not concerned.  Bump's heart beat was strong and loud and I asked the midwife if she could tell how he was lying.  She had a good feel and press (which didn't impress bump) and she thinks he isn't engaged yet but he's not far off and is head down.  Thankfully!!!

I then asked her about screening for Group B Streptococcus.  My friend who is due before me was screened when she had to go into hospital and found she was positive, she had no idea!  The midwife told me that they don't routinely screen for Group B Streptococcus and that this will only be detected when/if they send off your urine sample.  As my urine dipsticks were coming back clear there was no need to be concerned, or so she said.  I explained that there has been a lot of information on Twitter lately and that I wondered why they did not screen for it when it can be so harmful to baby. 

Group B Streptococcus is a found in your intestines and vagina and you don't experience any symptoms.  Newborn babies can become infected and become ill - with it being estimated that 1 in 2000 babies develop an infection which equates to 346 babies a year in the UK.  1 in 10 of these babies will die and other long term life threatening complications include blood poisoning, pneumonia and meningitis.  If you want more information on Group B Streptococcus check out Group B Strep Support website - there is also a petition to sign to make the screening routine which can be found on their website