Monday, 11 November 2013

Review: Love Boo Magic Balm and Splendidly Soothing Bath Soak

I had heard of Love Boo through my hours of searching for products on the internet.  They provide mummy and baby skincare products which are natural and do not contain any parabens, sulphates,  TEA, petrochemicals, synthetic colours or DEA.
I attended The Baby and Toddler Show at MediaCity in Manchester and purchased the Magic Balm and Splendidly Soothing Bath Soak.  On reflection I wish I had purchased more products as these products are great but at the time I was not sure which products I would need and didn't want to buy things I wouldn't use.

I bought the Magic Balm as I had a bad case of contact dermatitis and no product I had tried would relieve my skin which was dry, chapped and itchy.  Magic Balm is also great for dry skin anywhere, on you or baby, it is even great for lips.  Another selling point for me was you can use it between breast feeding if you have chapped nipples.  You don't need to wash it off before baby latches on either as it is natural and is soaked into your skin.  As I am planning to breast feed this was a big plus to me!  Meadowfoam and gold of pleasure oils, two rich sources of Omega-3, help keep skin supple and healthy.  When you first see the tube you might feel a little let down, on the website it costs £12.99 but at the show they were doing an offer for £10.  Honestly it is worth every penny, you only need a tiny amount, smaller than a pea size is more the sufficient.  The tube might seem small but it lasts for ages!  The tiny amount you need leaves your skin feeling amazing.

I love baths!!! I find them relaxing and have done for a long time.  My usual tipple in a bath is Lush Bubble bars, they smell heavenly and you get loads of lather.  After I was pregnant though I thought I would try something aimed at mums-to-be.  As my back and hip pains have continued to get worse as my pregnancy has developed I have turned more to baths to help relieve the pain.  I also have the option of water birth on my birth plan (not that I can use bath soak then but I can use it before my waters break).

The first thing you notice is the smell when you open the bottle.  Some friends have bought me mum-to-be products and quite frankly they have smelled like dirt, not pleasant and not something you want to lie soaking in.  I am not usually a fan of rose but mixed with the white lily and mallow which moisturise your skin and the chamomile and arnica which soothe your muscles the smell is actually heavenly.  After a bath using this bath soak I feel that my aches and pains have eased significantly and I feel much more relaxed.  I plan to continue to use this even after bump is born. 

Disclosure: When I attended the Baby and Toddler Show was not writing my blog, I purchased these products because I liked them and thought I would benefit from their use.  No review was expected from the seller.  My views are my own.