Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Review: Brabantia Flatback Fingerprint Proof Bin

I recently won this bin in a competition on Facebook.  Our bin was in much need of being replaced and Brabantia are a well known and reputable brand, I was excited to receive my winning bin

The bin I won was the Flatback+ 30 litre Matte Steel Fingerprint Proof Bin.  The bin is flat backed to make it space efficient, which is great for us as we have limited space in our kitchen where we can put a bin.  We put it up against the wall near a cupboard.  The bin came with 20 Brabantia bin liners.  When first putting these in the bin they were a little tight but I suppose this means they won't slip off or fall into the bin

The bin has a silent closing due to MotionControl technology and is easy to open with the large pedal. If you lift the lid open it will stay open until you press it to close, which is handy when peeling potatoes.  The lid also doesn't hit the wall when you open it! The bin is easy to move about as it has a belt grip at the back.  This is great for me at the moment as I can easily move the bin around when I need to hoover or mop the floor. 

Inside the bin there is a bucket with grips, this makes it easy to remove the bucket and change the bin, no more struggling to get the bin bag and bucket out like with previous bins.

I have to say I was intrigued by the claim that it was fingerprint proof, with bump on the way and knowing that my friends children put their hands on EVERYTHING I was curious as to whether this was true or just a gimmick.  I am not sure whether it is 100% fingerprint proof, when you lift the bin lid for example there is the tiniest of marks but the bin is definitely easy to wipe, once I used a wet wipe on the bin to clean it there were no marks of any kind.  The biggest test will come when bump gets mobile!

The bin can be found in the Brabantia new collection.  It retails at £125, which in my opinion is a lot of money for a bin.  It is a very good quality bin and does everything that it promises to do but I still feel the price is a little much.  The bin bags that go with the bin are £51 for 240 liners which works out at 21p per bin bag which again might seem a little pricey but you are guaranteed that the liner fits your bin perfectly and you won't have any accidents.  The bin bags are thick too and I haven't had one rip, yet.

I would definitely recommend this bin, the price is the only off putting part about it

Disclosure:  I won the bin through a competition, at no point was there an expectation I would review product.  My views are my own.