Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Pregnancy Apps

I love using apps on my phone and when I found out I was pregnant I hurried to find the best apps to help me through the pregnancy.  I have found some really useful and others I only used once or twice before deleting.  Everyone has their personal preference and what they are looking to get out of using an app but these are the ones I found the best

This app is run by Bounty, the same company who provide mum-to-be bags and are in hospitals to give you benefit forms and can offer to take baby photos.  The Bounty website has loads of helpful advice for mums-to-be as well as information on baby, toddler and family health.  You can register either through the app or on the website, it asks you for your due date or date of last period to calculate how many weeks pregnant you are.  Each week there is a main "find out more" area which tells you about the week in general.  The week is also split into 6 days, each day with a different topic - for example contractions, nursery know how and breech baby.  Each of these days gives you specific information about the topic.  There are also links which take you to the Bounty website for even more information.  The app also has a journal where you can record things such as baby movement and cravings, although to be honest I haven't used this part that much.  There is also a gallery for you to store photos.

Emma's Diary
Emma's Diary is another great app linked with a website.  Emma's Diary also provide mum-to-be packs.  The website has loads of information from trying to conceive to baby at 18 months, they also have an online shop, family zone and FAQs.   Again with this app you can register with the website and once you log onto the app it remembers the information you used to register.  You have a "My Status" bar which will take you to your specific week of pregnancy and gives you information on what to expect during that week.  There is also a "Medical Information" section which is broken into preconception, pregnancy, giving birth and baby ages in months from 0-6 to 7-18 months.  In these further sections you are given more specific information.  There is also a photo journal and an option to read Emma's Diary.  To be honest I just use this app for the weekly information.  I have utilised the Medical Information section but I read most of the parts that interested me in a oner rather than as things cropped up, although its good to know the information is there should I need a refresher and I don't have to trawl through the weeks like you would have to with the Bounty App.

The BabyBump app isn't linked with any website.  This is probably one of the apps I use the most, I check it every day.  Once you download the app you register your details.  Each day you are told how many weeks pregnant you are and how many days you have left.  You get a daily tip and also weekly information about the pregnancy.  At the bottom of the app you can store weekly bump photos, I like this part of the app as the photos slide from one to the other so you can see any developments in bumps growth.  At the top of the app is the option to join groups and a store button - the store button however only works in USA.  The main downside of this app is that it is American so sometimes the information doesn't happen here (for example Strep B testing).  I still enjoy using it though

This is another app I use on a daily basis.  The app is linked with BabyCentre website which you can register with.  Again the website has loads of information from getting pregnant to toddlers and also has a blog and shop section.  The app tells you how many weeks pregnant you are and gives you different information each day.  At the start of each week the information is about your baby and you, often there is a video and a picture to show the developing baby, which I like.  Each week has "Feel Good Activity" for you to carry out, this can be going to the cinema or getting your hair done.  There is a box for you to tick once you've done the activity.  There is also information each week about what is safe for you to do, eating well and health.  At the top of the app you can go to the checklist which is where the activities are recorded as well as the option to join your birth club.  I really enjoy this app as it gives you lots of information daily and is UK based.

Totally Pregnant
I only recently discovered this app when it came up on my Facebook timeline as a recommendation.  Mr M thinks the name is hilarious as how else would you be pregnant other than totally (men!).  There is a Totally Pregnant website that gives you more information on the app and blogs  but it isn't as detailed as the others above.  I have the free version, you can pay for more in depth information if you want and to watch the videos.  You do get a limited amount of time to try the app for free and you can watch the 4D videos, which I find interesting.  The app is based around a coloured wheel, you have the My Week option which tells you about your week.  There is a shop and an opportunity to ask experts a question, or see what people in your week have asked.  There is the video section which covers a different topic each week and My Album where you can store photos. 

As I have already said these are the apps I have found the most useful, other people might have found others that they liked.  The best thing to do is have a look and see what is available and what you want out of an app  I only downloaded free apps but there may be great apps out there you have to pay for.