Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lack of sleep

People keep telling me "make the most of the time you have to sleep before the baby arrives".  I have come to the realisation today that whilst sleep and I used to have a great relationship, we won't be seeing much of each other for a while (or the next 5 years)

My reasons for not sleeping vary as does the length of time I sleep.

With my ongoing problems with my hip and back pain this is usually the reason I can't sleep.  On nights where I am not in pain, I can't get comfortable - it might be because bump is kicking or lying in a funny position.  I have also experienced restless legs which can last for 30 minutes or hours at a time.  Last night bump was jumping on my bladder so I was up and down to the loo.

I have looked into aids to help me sleep, I use a body pillow to support bump and also put it between my legs for support.  I did use normal pillows but feel more supported with a body pillow.  I also get Mr M to wedge a pillow in my back when I am on my side so that I don't move or roll onto my back.  Over the past week I have also been taking the back cushion from the sofa up to bed with me.  I place this at a 45 degree angle behind my pillows so it props me up.  I must look a sight!!

I try not to drink too much before bed but I find I am more thirsty in the evening.  I also play solitaire on my phone, I know it sounds dull but it helps switch my brain off and because it is slightly dull it sends me to sleep quite quickly.

On a positive note I feel that the lack of sleep when bump arrives won't be as much as a shock to my system.  I do expect it to be difficult and Mr M & I will probably be zombies initially, it'll all be worth it.