Sunday, 1 December 2013

With a little help from my friends

The past few days I have been really grateful to my friends for their help, support and understanding.

People say that their friends and family can be a hindrance throughout pregnancy, don't get me wrong I have had some try to give me helpful/preaching advice which makes you feel like they think you aren't going to manage but in general my friends have been a great support.

Some of my so called friends have vanished off the face of the planet since I told them I was pregnant, their choice not mine, I have tried contacting them with no luck, its sad that something as exciting as a new person coming into the world can make people decide they don't want any contact with you anymore.  Most of our friends have been super excited, some even more than family members!!

One of my friends lives nearby and has been great support with relation to what is available in our local area once bump has arrived, she is even going to go to some of the groups with me when she can with her little girl.  She has also been great for advice and support with things we might need and things we haven't thought of.

My friend who is overdue has also been a great sounding board, with us both going through pregnancy at the same time there have been many messages and conversations about how we are both feeling and giving each other reassurance. 

My friends are also aware of my worry about getting to the hospital if my mum isn't here as Mr M can't drive and many have offered their services to take us if needs be (although I'm still not convinced people will appreciate a 2am phone call!!)

On Friday my right foot went very swollen which caused me to go into a panic.  I hadn't noticed it before and whilst Mr M did his best to reassure me and try and keep me away from Google an internet search got me in even more of a panic with words such as blood clot and preeclampsia popping up.  I turned to my friends for advice and support and they didn't let me down!!  Within minutes they were giving me advice and reassurance and telling me of tales from their own pregnancies.  I decided to follow their advice and if there was no change I would contact the hospital.  Obviously their advice worked and my foot went back to normal.  It has continued to swell on occasion but having it elevated and drinking fluids has helped it go back to normal. 

I have my midwife appointment this week so will mention it to her.  I feel so lucky and grateful that I have such a great network of friends and I can't wait for bump to meet them all!!!