Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Water babies swimming - class 1

So we had our first swimming class with Water Babies

I was excited but a little apprehensive.

Our little man looked great in his wetsuit.

As we got into the water he was fine, yay!!

We started bouncing our babies around in the water, still looked like he was enjoying it!

We did our first swimming move, he really took to that well.

Next we did the Name, Ready, Go.  This is where you prepare baby for going underwater - you say their name, then ready, then go, then put water on their face.  Baby M DID NOT like this part.  He got very very very upset!!  It took a while to calm him down.  We got out of the water and he had some cuddles.  This calmed him down so we got back into the water. 

No crying - good sign!!

I kept him close for the next few parts of the class and he didn't seem to mind being in the water.  Towards the end of the class we did humpty dumpty where you sit baby on the edge of the pool then bring them into the water - I brought him in for a cuddle which he liked.  We then did some more of the swimming move and then ended the class on twinkle twinkle little star.

Apart from the water in the face part he didn't seem to mind the class.  I think I felt like the class hadn't been successful due to the length of time he was crying and that he had got so upset however afterwards talking to my mum she made me realise that 90% of the class had been successful. 

The instructor told us to practice Name, Ready, Go in the bath so that he gets used to having his face splashed. 

Will have to see how class 2 goes, I'm sure he will get used to it