Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Cherubs Baby Photography - first session

We heard about Cherubs Baby Photography through an email.  The are associated with Bounty.

I asked for further information as the information was vague in the email.  I was sent the contact details of my local photographer, I still hadn't been told how much this would cost (I was suspicious!!).

After contacting my local photographer I was informed that the scheme was free.  You receive a photo of baby newborn, when able to sit then when able to stand all for free.  Obviously they take a lot of photos so if you want you can buy these.  Some photographers charge a booking fee but ours didn't.

We thought we'd go along for a session - it's free after all!!!

Our photographer was lovely.  We took along 3 outfits for Baby M. 

For the first outfit (cheeky tshirt & chinos) Baby M was on his back at an angle so he was looking to the right - we got lots of giggles.

For the next outfit (superbaby sleepsuit) he was again on his back but at an angle looking left.

Next we put him in his Mamas & Papas Welcome to the World sleepsuit.  A number of photos were taken of the three of us together - I can't wait to see what these look like.  Baby M was then put on his front over a cushion.  His ability to llift himself up as improved so much, he was lifting his head well clear of the cushion and for really long spells.  These photos will look brillliant!  Finally some photos were taken of him over my shoulder.

We are going back to the studio on Thursday to look at the photos and pick our free one for the folio.  We will probably buy one of us as a family at least, maybe more.  The studio are also putting the photos password protected on their website as our families live far away so they can buy copies if they like.

Roll on Thursday!!