Thursday, 13 February 2014

Is my 9 week old teething?!?

Now I know this might sound a little crazy but I'm not sure if Baby M is teething.  Can a 9 week old be teething? Isn't it a little early??

There are a few reasons I think he might be teething.

Firstly he has started drooling quite a lot over the past few days.  He has also started putting his fist in his mouth a lot more.  He also has a runny nose, I thought this was maybe the cold but after I noticed the other 2 things I did wonder if it might be teething.  Dr Google has informed me that it is possible for 2 month old babies to teeth. 

He doesn't have a temperature but he does seem grumpy at times.  I have been trying to encourage him to suck his thumb and we have tried a teething ring but it's a little big for his mouth.  I don't want to give hom calpol incase he isn't teething

Has anyone else experienced this?? What advice do you have?