Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A little rant

I apologise but I need to have a rant!

Being a new parent to a newborn baby is quite a stressful, but amazing, time!!!  You are constantly worrying that you aren't doing things right and feel you are making things up as you go.  Mixed in with that is loving every little moment with your baby.  What doesn't help and adds to that stress is other people, especially other mums.

Do people forget how they felt when they were a new parent?!?

If they took a step back would they have appreciated the things that they happily say or do to you?!?

I am seriously getting fed up of people asking if he sleeps through the night!! NO HE ISN'T!!! HE IS 8 WEEKS OLD!!!!  I would be worried if he was!!  What is with people's obsession with how much sleep you are getting?  Is it to make themselves feel better that they went through the sleepless nights and now some other person is going through it??  I really don't get it, why do they think you want to be reminded that your 6-8 hours sleep is a memory??  Feel free to ask me this question in 4 months time but not at the moment

Another thing that is starting to annoy me is the way people want to compare their child to yours.  Is he doing this, has he done that?  Little Susie was doing this by that moment, little Bobby did that.  That's really nice for you and I am happy for you but every child is different.  Baby M will do things before some children and after others, as long as he is reaching his milestones around the time he should be I'm not bothered.  When I say to people he's got his application for MENSA in the post I get looks which clearly say they don't appreciate my sarcastic comment - do they learn and not ask me again, NO they don't and they questions come up again!  He isn't even at nursery yet, I'm sure when he goes there it'll happen again with nursery mums.

And Breathe!!!!!

I feel much better for getting that off my chest, thank you for reading my rant :)