Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dummy or thumb?

As a thumb sucker myself I have always been adamant that my child/children will not suck their thumb.  It was really hard to stop sucking my thumb and even now at 31 years old when I am really upset I find the thumb is back in my mouth.

I also hate children who have a dummy permanently stuck in their mouth!! Even more so when they try to talk to you with the dummy still in. 

So the dilemma - what to do with Baby M?!?

I am pretty sure that Baby M will be a thumb sucker, as much as I hate to admit it.  He hasn't quite worked out how to suck his thumb yet, he tries by sticking his fist in his mouth as much as he can.  I don't think he gets what he needs from that though as it doesn't usually stay in his mouth for long.  He keeps his thumb in his fist, I think once he releases his thumb from his grasp he will realise it can go in his mouth.

We have had to use a dummy on occasion, usually when he is really tired and crying due to his tiredness.  We have only been using it as a last resort. I know there are benefits of a dummy such as reduced risk of SIDS but it's only really during the day that he has used it, at night he goes to sleep without the need to be soothed by the dummy. 

The dummy we use is My First NUK, we got an AVENT dummy in our bottle set but it was too big for Baby M's mouth and squished his nose.  The NUK dummy appears to be better molded to his face.

I worry about the effect of either a dummy or thumb sucking on his teeth.  The NUK dummy is orthodontic so hopefully that means it be ok for his teeth.  I have an overbite because of my thumb sucking, my dentist would never give me a brace as a child as he said there was no point until I stopped sucking my thumb.  I don't want that for Baby M. 

Another thing to consider is that we have control over the dummy and when we can wean him off it, we don't have that luxury with a thumb.  My mum tried every product on the market to get me to stop sucking my thumb and none of them worked!

No matter what Baby M chooses as a soother there will be people who will judge me for being a bad mother, I just have to do whatever is best for Baby M.  As long as he is happy that's the main thing