Wednesday, 19 February 2014

January 2014 Nonabox - Review

I have tried beauty boxes before and thought they were a great idea.  When I saw Nonabox I wanted to give it a try, then for the January box they were offering 50% off.  What a great opportunity to try the box at a reduced rate of £12.50 instead of the normal £25

I loved that the box arrived wrapped in ribbon and in a sturdy box. 

I really liked the contents of my box.

Maison Bebe - Buggy Hooks (rrp 99p)
You get 2 hooks included which is great value.  They rotate 360 degrees which is supposed to leave you in total control.  I liked these hooks, although I already have a buggy buddy.  The hooks are handy but they are open so depending on what you put on it could fall off easily.  For 99p though they are great value!

The Nonabox Bag
This is a bag made from 100% recycled material.  Apparently it is so you can carry all your babies essentials around (nappy, wipes, etc).  It isn't that big and I would rather use my changing bag than this bag.  I have added it to my food shopping bag collection though, any bag is handy!

Cloud B Plush Sleep Aroma Pillow (Amazon £34.90)
I couldn't find this on the Cloud B website.  I did however find it on Amazon.  The pillow is the recommend size for a child and has a lavender pouch inside it.  This is supposed to lull your child to sleep.  When not being used as a pillow it can be followed into a plush animal.  Baby M is too young to use this pillow so I haven't tried him with it yet.  It does smell lovely and lavender though!   

Beaba 360 degree spoon (rrp £7)
Again Baby M is far too young to use this yet.  I will definitely use it when he is weaning though!  The spoon is able to rotate to alleviate frustration in children when they begin to feed themselves.  This means that the spoon always stays horizontal so food won't fall off.  It sounds like a great idea!

Bio Baby Nappies (2 nappies) (£7.05 for 40 nappies - Amazon)
We received 2 nappies in our box.  They were good nappies, we didn't have any leakage with the nappies we tried and they fit really well.  They didn't feel any different than normal nappies.  The bonus is they are biodegradable.  I found them on Amazon for £7.05 for 40 nappies.  I would use them again but I don't think I would make them my first choice of nappy for no reason other than I like the nappies I use.   

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter (rrp £23.50)
I got a small tube of this in my box.  My first thought was that I didn't need this as I had already given birth and luckily hadn't had stretch marks.  I was all for giving it to a newly pregnant friend.  However I then had a look on the Mio Skincare website.  They recommend that you use this rub whilst pregnant but also for 4 months post baby to help maintain skin tone whilst everything gets back to normal.  I have been using it for this purpose for a few days.  It smells lovely and feels great on your skin.  The aim of the rub is to maintain elasticity in the the skin.  I am going to see how I get on with this tube then I might buy a tub!

I really liked my first Nonabox for £12.50 it was a bargain - especially when the pillow alone is on Amazon for £34.90.  I did however cancel my subscription after this box as £25 is alot of money for me just now whilst I am on maternity leave.  I might look into it again when I am back to work and money isn't quite so tight.

Disclaimer: I bought this box when it was on offer, there was no communication between myself and Nonabox and a review was not promised.  Views are my own