Thursday, 6 February 2014

My biggest fear

Before I got pregnant my biggest fears were drowning and fire.  These were followed closely by wasps - you might think I am irrational (that's what a phobia is) but wasps have no purpose and they are evil!! They even look evil!!!

My biggest fear now is something happening to Baby M.

I don't mean I worry about this constantly 24 hours a day and wrap him in cotton wool.

This week has caused me to reflect about how lucky we are.  Friends have been experiencing some difficult times this week and also reading what other people experience on social media makes you think.  Whilst my labour wasn't smooth both Baby M & I came through it and were fit and healthy.  Baby M was tongue tied but that was resolved and although he has an umbilical hernia the Dr isn't too concerned.  He is a fit and healthy little boy. 

Some people aren't lucky enough to see their babies grow up, I don't know how they manage through that and hope I never have to find out either.

Your priorities do change when you become a parent and it's natural to worry about your children, that will never change.