Monday, 24 February 2014

Using our baby carrier

We bought a Babyway 3 in 1 carrier before Baby M was born.  There are so many carriers out there and we didn't want to spend alot of money incase he didn't like it.  The carrier can hold baby facing you, facing forward or on your back. 

Baby M has loved being close to us since he was born.  He will easily fall asleep on either of us and I think when he can roll over he will sleep on his front as he appears to find that a much more comfortable position.

My folks have a caravan in Northumberland - we are hoping to go there next week (weather dependent).  We do A LOT of walking when we are there.  We hope that when Baby M is a little older he will enjoy this as much as we do.  We both want him to enjoy the outdoors and exploring.

As much as we love pushing him in his pram it isn't realistic to take that on a forest walk or along the beach.

We have been "practicing" with the carrier for the past few days at home - firstly to check he likes it and secondly so we know what we are doing with it!!

My back and shoulders are shocking, plus I don't know whether I could trust myself carrying Baby M.  Mr M is really keen to carry him so I have encouraged that.  Baby M is VERY nosey!! He loves looking around and the carrier gives him that opportunity.

On the 3 times so far we have used it outside he has appeared to really enjoy it and has eventually fallen asleep.  We put an all in one suit on him so he is nice and cosy.  We have gone on walks and walked further each time.  Mr M has stated that he feels comfortable and his back is never sore afterwards.  My mum has been on a mission (like mums do) and she has bought a universal rain cover for the carrier too.

Hopefully we will get lots of use out of it at my folks caravan and once Baby M is ready we can turn the carrier round so he is forward facing and he can see much more of the world around him.