Monday, 10 February 2014

Family time

Family time means not only time for the 3 of us to be together but also time with our families.

Baby M is still young, our family time at the moment involves lots of walks, playing with toys and trying to stimulate him as much as we can.

As he grows we are planning to visit lots of different places, hopefully the weather will begin to improve and we can go to the park more.  It's not fun in the rain and wind.

Family time is also about spending time with our families.  As neither of our families live locally it's important to us to have them be in Baby M's life as much as possible and finding ways of getting around the distance issue.  My mum and dad only live 2 hours away so are planning to visit as often as their jobs will allow them.  We are also going to Ireland with my folks and brother later in the year which will be great family time!

My mum already has a great relationship with Baby M as she has been helping us out alot since he was born.  My mum and brother also FaceTime regularly (at least weekly) so that they can see Baby M and he can see them. My brother has been to visit already and has more visits planned for the year ahead.

Mr M's family live 4-5 hours away, his sister lives south and the rest of his family live north.  Whilst his sister has yet to visit the other family members have been, once after he was born and again at the weekend just passed.  The distance is an issue and I hope that it won't effect their relationship with Baby M.

I hope that Baby M grows up knowing that he is part of a wonderful family network and also how important our little family within that is.  I want him to grow up with a relationship with us like I have with my parents.  Now I am older they are not only my parents but my friends and I know they are always there for me