Friday, 7 February 2014

100 Happy Days - 19 days in

I decided to take part in 100 Happy Days after seeing someone on my Facebook timeline talking about it.

The idea is that we are all to busy to notice things that make us happy, this challenge asks that you take a photo each day of something that makes you happy.  Sounds easy!!

The website reports that if you complete the challenge you will feel happier, become more optimistic and receive compliments from others.  I haven't noticed any of that yet but I'm not even half way through yet

My biggest problem is my baby brain, my memory is shocking at the moment, I'm lucky I remember my own name some days!!  I often forget to take a photo until the evening. 

Many of my photos so far have been family orientated, I'm hoping to expand this once we get out and about and doing more things.  Not that there's anything wrong that my family make me happy!!

So 19 days in how am I doing? Not too badly, I have managed to take a photo every day (although I didn't realise that day 13 hadn't posted on twitter until the next day so I had to post 2 days on the same day).  Like i said I just feel I need to expand what I take photos of and also try and remember to take photos!!

Why don't you join up and see if you can complete the challenge & see whether it makes a difference to you!!