Wednesday, 12 February 2014

8 week check & vaccinations - Baby

Baby M had to go to the Dr for his 8 weeks check.  The same checks were carried out before he left the hospital, these were checking that everything was still as should be.  

Firstly we saw the nurse and he was weighed and his height taken, he weighs 12lb 3 oz now and measured 52 cm in length.  He's our big boy!!

Next he saw the GP.  He checked him over including his hips, fall reflex and his man area.  Baby M has an umbilical hernia so he informed us that he wasn't concerned but for us to make a Dr appointment for 3 months time so this can be monitored.  If we have any concerns in the time before that then we obviously make an appointment.  

We then went back to the nurse and he was given his vaccinations.  He was given the 5 in 1 vaccination which contains diphtheria, polio, tetanus, whopping cough and hib.  He also received his pneumonia vaccination.  There were 2 nurses who stood one on either side and each administered an injection into a leg at the same time, he had little plasters on each leg after.  Now he did scream but it wasn't as bad as we were expecting.  He was given a hug by daddy (who was holding him as I would get upset if I had to hold him) then he was fine.  He even gave the nurses smiles after!!! He was then given the rotavirus in liquid form which he seemed to like the taste of!!

We have to keep an on his injection sites and if he develops a temperature we can strip him down to his vest or if it continues give him some calpol.  

I am so proud of how well he managed, he's our little soldier!!!