Monday, 24 February 2014

The MAD Blog Awards 2014 - Nominations

I have taken some time to decide whether to write this post.  On hearing about the MAD Blog Awards I have nominated my favourite blogs and got thinking about my own.  Should I ask my readers to nominate me in the Best New Blog Category?!

After much thinking I decided to ask my readers for a nomination.  As with many things in life - if you don't ask you don't get!!

I started this blog back in November when I was pregnant with Baby M, I hope that people have enjoyed reading my posts and have found them helpful, informative and interesting.

I am always looking into ways to improve my blog too, so if people have advice I am all ears!!

I don't think I fit into any category other than Best New Blog, I don't feel I have been blogging long enough to make an impact onto any other category.  There are so many fantabulous blogs out there I have some way to go yet.

I have nominated MeTheManandTheBaby, Instinctive Mum, FamilyFourFun, Ghostwritermummy and Mummy Tries.

If you would like to nominate my little blog I would really appreciate it.  It will help me realise that my hard work and ramblings are appreciated by others.  You can nominate me (or anyone else) here.

Thank you very much in advance!!