Monday, 3 February 2014

Baby groups - where to start!?!

Where do you start when it comes to baby groups?!?

I'm in a strange situation, my GP practice is in another area than I live although it's the same town (odd I know!).  My health visitor is aware of baby groups in the area she covers but not in the area I live (helpful!).  She has put our name forward for baby massage which is run by her group of health visitors and we are looking forward to starting that in the next lot of classes.

I have spoken with friends in the area and they have recommended a baby group at the local library which they attended and enjoyed when their child was a baby - we will be trying that out.  There are other groups in the area too but my friend says she found them to be a clique.

I have used the ever useful Google and found there's a bounce and rhyme at another library which is quite local, Baby M seems to like it when we sing to him so we will give that a go too.

 I'm hoping that when I go to groups other mums will be able to tell me what is available in the area. 

I also don't want to take on too many groups, I don't want attending groups to become our full time job as baby and mummy.  When I go back to work our time together will be precious so I want to get the right balance of doing things which stimulate Baby M and meeting new mums but also having time where we do things together and also catching up with my friends, many who have children too.