Tuesday, 11 February 2014

2 months

I can't believe Baby M is 2 months old already!!!

The time has flown by!!

He has changed so much in the past few weeks.  I love his smile and he is now giggling too, its infectious!!! As soon as he starts you can't help but laugh yourself.  It brightens up your day.

He also talks to you, obviously not words (that would be impressive!) but when you talk to him he makes noises back and has different noises that he makes.

He's growing too, some of his 0-3 month sleepsuits are getting a little snug and he has a romper suit that is now 3/4 length on his legs.  I think he will be tall like his mummy & daddy.

He is able to focus on things much more and is noticing his surroundings.  He seems fascinated with lights and due to our tv being huge he often watches the football or darts (things with lots of colours in them).  Much to Mr M's delight!

He's had his first cold which wasn't fun but he was such a soldier through it all.

He is now enjoying his toys, showing genuine interest in them.  

I am loving seeing him change into a little person with a personality