Friday, 14 February 2014

BACK TO SLEEP Slumber Bear - Review

My mum bought this for Baby M just after I had my 12 week scan.  The bear is gorgeous but to be honest at the time I didn't really think we would use the audio pacifier

The Slumber Bear is by Prince Lionheart.

Price varies but it generally retails for £24.99-£30

The bear comes with a comforting removable soother and a pouch at the back which contains the 5 function audio pacifier.  The 5 functions are - heart beat, waves, white noise, lullaby and a record button for you to record your own noise.  We tried to record the hoover on the record button as that seemed to work at soothing Baby M but for some reason it would only record a few seconds then revert back to heart beat function.

We use the heart beat function as it seems to soothe Baby M and help send him to sleep.  At the moment whilst he is in his moses basket we don't have the bear inside the basket incase it smothers him.  The pacifier comes out of the pouch at the back of the bear and has velcro straps on.  We put these straps around the handle of the moses basket.  When Baby M was smaller we had it inside the basket but now he's a bit bigger and hits his hands off the side of the basket we have it on the outside.  It is still loud enough for him to hear though. 

The pacifier has an auto shut off so after 5 minutes the noise stops.  As we have the moses basket at the bottom of the bed and the pacifier now hangs on the bottom of the bed I just touch it with my foot to set it off again.  Also if Baby M moves it sets off.

We love this product.  The bear is so soft!! I can't wait for Baby M to be able to appreciate the bear.  We will put it in his cot when he is big enough to go in it.  The audio pacifier has saved us many a sleepless night!!  We would have been up and down soothing Baby M without it.  I would highly recommend it

Disclaimer: This product was bought as a present by a family member with no association to Prince Lionheart.  The views are my own