Friday, 30 May 2014

Half Marathon training - weeks 3, 4 and 5

To be honest there was no training weeks 3 and 4.  My excuses were we had visitors - lame I know!

I decided at the end of week 4 though that I needed to give myself a firm kick up the bum and get my ass in gear.

I got myself a FitBit Flex.  I walk quite a bit with Baby M, I try to walk every day if it is dry.  I thought the FitBit would enable me to monitor my walking as well as my running.  It has been a great motivator!!

I have also started doing my Nike Training App Ab Blaster workout as well as I need to tone up my belly.   It's 15 minutes of ab intense workouts including plank, Russian twists and toe touches.  My abs feel sore but as they say - no pain no gain!!

I have managed 3 runs this week.

My first was 1.8 miles with my next 2.1 miles.  My plan for my run over the weekend is to build up to about 3 miles then slowly increase the distance.  I plan to run Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday with a possible run on Monday depending on Mr M's work.  We are going to the inlaws next weekend and there are family events planned, plus I don't know the area well so wouldn't know where to go for a good run.  We will be doing lots of walking so I will be doing some exercise. 

The days I don't run I will do the ab blaster on my Nike Training app as I have done this week.

I have enjoyed running and am glad I've actually started properly.  Let's see what next week brings