Friday, 2 May 2014

Half Marathon training - Week 1

My first week hasn't gone as planned.

I thought I would manage 4-5 runs & I managed 2.  I haven't done any of my Nike app

Firstly I was ill then Mr M has been teething & I've had hardly any sleep, I'm not sure how I've managed my day to day tasks never mind a run. I feel like I'm making excuses though.  Mr M reminded me that I haven't been sitting on my bum not bothered & that I'm my harshest critic.  He's right there, I am.

The runs I have completed have been 1.8 miles completed in 20 minutes, not too bad.  I've been using MapmyRun app to record my runs.  My plan is to build this distance up then introduce interval training.

I'm hoping that week 2 will be better than week 1. The feeling you get after a run is great & I know once I get into a routine there will be no stopping me.