Monday, 12 May 2014

5 months old - where has the time gone??

Baby M is 5 months old!!!

I can't believe how fast those 5 months have gone.  I still feel like I don't have a clue what I'm doing too!!

Baby M is developing more and more into a little person, his personality is coming out more and more.

We have started our weaning journey.  He loves porridge and has had his first taste of sweet potato, which he also loved!

He sits in his highchair with us at mealtimes and loves watching us eat

His hand/eye coordination seems to be improving and he can pass things between his hands.  He hasn't quite mastered rolling over yet, he can get so far then he gets stuck.  Once I help him he's so pleased with himself.  When he has tummy time he kind of flounders around as if he wants to crawl but doesn't know how to so it.

He still loves standing and can pull himself up from sitting by holding our hands.  He can also sit on his own for short spells

He is getting more interested in the cat, he has stroked her a few times and the smile on his face is huge!! He slightly pulled her fur once and I was worried she might lash out at him but she didn't flinch.  The cat is slightly wary of him still but will go up to him and sniff.  Hopefully their friendship with continue to develop

A friend gave us a walker, we have put him in it twice but his feet just miss the floor.  I'm a bit wary of putting him in it too often for too long as I have read that it can cause problems with hips and walking.

He is also sleeping longer, no longer waking at 5, now can sleep until 7 - those extra 2 hours are amazing & make such a difference to how shattered I feel!!

I really hope that his teeth come through soon.  They have been causing him so much discomfort and he has been such a grumpy and frustrated little boy at times.  I wish there was something I could do to make him feel better!!