Thursday, 1 May 2014

Teething - it's not fun for anyone

Poor Baby M is teething really badly this week

Since Saturday night his sleep has been disturbed at night and he has been really grumpy

I wish I could take the pain away!

I can see a tooth under his gum on the bottom, there is another one which I can just see next to it but it isn't quite as noticeable.

His hands have been constantly in his mouth.

His cheeks have been rosey and his poor little nose has been running and stuffy.

We have tried teething gel, teething granules and as a very last resort Calpol.  They help for a little while

Anything that he finds bring him comfort by chewing on I have let him (as long as it's clean, safe and his)

I've got a Gummee Glove and I have ordered a Cheeky Chompers neckerchew.  Does anyone have any suggestions of what else I can try?!?