Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Swimming classes - Intermediate 1 - weeks 1 and 2

We have now moved up to the Intermediate 1 class with Baby M and Water Babies

We've moved pools to a hydrotherapy pool.  Wow what a difference!!  As soon as we got into the pool Baby M was splashing - that's right splashing!! He's never done that before!

Week 1

In week 1 we learned a new way of swimming, rather than using the old method of having baby's chin resting on your hands they will now swim forward next to you with your hands under their armpits on the torso.  Baby M seemed to love this and was splashing his hands in the water.  We chased a spaceship around the pool too.  However he did a face plant into the water and got a little upset. 

We then did the first underwater swim, our lovely instructor held baby in front of us and we both went under water at the same time.  Baby M cried after this but was reassured, however remained grizzly.  We did the armchair swim which Baby M didn't like and also there was crying during his lying on his back swim.  I felt deflated.  I thought the new pool would be an improvement and he wouldn't get too upset.  We did the second underwater swim but he was too upset to do the third. 

Week 2

I went into week 2 a little worried we would have a repeat performance.  Lots of splashing when we got into the pool again.  We did our newly learned swim and again happy baby.  First underwater swim went really well, he had a cry when he surfaced but instantly reassured.  He held on for the first time each time we did it and loved the swimming on his back and kicking, he was laughing!  Great!!

We then tried a new song "ring a ring of roses", Baby M was fine until I went under the water, the bottom lip came out and then when he saw the other babies going under the water he started to cry.  We didn't do another underwater swim that lesson.  The armchair swim went well and every other part of the lesson he seemed to enjoy. 

He is making improvements and the new warmer pool is helping.  Hopefully his issues with underwater swims will resolve themselves - we've agreed to only do the last underwater swim for the next few classesso he can enjoy the rest of his class.