Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Family visits

Last week my brother was visiting for the whole week, it was brilliant to see him and spend some quality time with him and Baby M.

Prior to that Mr M's sister came to visit for a few days.  She hasn't seen Baby M so it was great she could visit for a few days.

We had our first experience of stranger anxiety.  Baby M became quite upset when given to his aunt to hold, which was quite upsetting for her and us as well as Baby M.  We encouraged lots of smiles, cuddles and she gave him his bottle and he changed, by the second day she was here there were smiles and giggles.

 By the time she was ready to leave they were best friends and I know Baby M will want to see his aunt again very soon.

Next we had the visit from my brother.  We didn't have any stranger anxiety this time, even though Baby M hasn't seen him physically since he was a month old we regularly Facetime so he sees his uncle every week.  The weather was brilliant throughout the week and we spent lots of time outside.  Baby M was given his bottle, fed his food and even had his nappy changed by his uncle.  All great things to build on their already strong bond. 

We live a distance from all our family members and that is something that is always at the back of our minds, we want Baby M to have a good relationship with all his family.

We have visits to Mr M's family, visits from my family and a family holiday to Ireland to look forward to - as well as many more visits we hope.

We look forward building many more happy memories with family, having lots of visits and giving Baby M lots of love