Monday, 5 May 2014

We have started our weaning journey

We have been considering weaning Baby M for a number of weeks now but have been trying to hold off for as long as we could. 

When he started to cry after finishing every bottle we thought maybe it was time to try and introduce baby rice

We used Aptamil baby rice as this is the formula we use, we thought it would be best to stick with the same brand.  Baby M was not impressed!! At first he held it in his mouth looking at me as if to say "mum what's this you've stuck in my mouth".  Then he would pull funny faces like he didn't like the taste.  We tried a few times with the same reaction so we thought maybe we were wrong and he wasn't ready.

I spoke to some of the mums at swimming class and one said that her little girl hadn't liked baby rice and that she had tried baby porridge.  We thought it was worth a try.  If he didn't like that we decided we would wait a few weeks and try again

The first time we tried the porridge Baby M appeared to like it straight away.  He even opened his mouth for more - he had never done this with baby rice

The second time we tried porridge Baby M did his excited wiggling and arm waving and had his mouth wide open.  He had more of the porridge than the first time too

Baby M is 5 months old next week, I think we will continue with the porridge for another week or 2 if we can manage that then look at introducing fruits and veg

How did you find weaning?