Thursday, 29 May 2014

Managing the hot weather

I love the sunshine!!! I'm sure in a past life I was one of those lizards that just sit on a rock all day and soak up the sun.

When we had the spell of warm weather I thought great, I can get out and enjoy the sunshine and go places with Baby M.

Baby M really didn't like getting too hot.  He ended up spending most of his time during the warm weather in either his vest or just his nappy. 

We piled on lots of factor 50+ suncream.

My mum bought him a World's Apart sun tent which was great for when we were in the garden.

When we went anywhere with the pushchair Baby M was wearing his sun hat and we ended up putting our Snoozeshade on.  This was a godsend!! It kept him cool and protected from the sun as it has factor 50+ SPF built into the fibres.  I would recommend everyone get one for the summer!!

Night time was a struggle.  We tried everything to try and settle Baby M but he didn't sleep great during the week.  We had the windows open, him sleeping in a vest, no vest and a 1 tog sleeping bag.  I think we will just sleep him in his nappy in future.  It was great we had the GroEgg so we knew how warm his room was.

I'm now torn, I want a lovely summer but I also don't want it too hot for Baby M.  Apparently babies can regulate their temperature from a year old so next summer should be better, although I will be back at work so won't be able to enjoy it with Baby M so much