Monday, 2 June 2014

World Cup Sticker Album - a man obsessed

Until I read Brummy Mummy of 2's post on her hubby's obsession with the World Cup Sticker Album I thought I was on my own.

Mr M became obsessed with the sticker album.  It started off as something he wanted to do for Baby M as it's his first World Cup.  Hmmm I was skeptical!

Mr M, like many men in their 30's, had the sticker albums when they were younger.  There was a report on Sky Sports news one morning last week that the stickers are mainly being bought by men in their 30's trying to recapture their youth.  Yep that sounds familiar!!

On the first day he got the album (which is free!) and 20 packs of stickers.

Things then began to spiral out of control.  He bought a box of stickers from Amazon - a box contains 100 packs of stickers!!

Suddenly we had lots of swapsies (a new term to me, along with shinnies!). 

Feeling that I had been quite understanding no more stickers were allowed to be bought and Mr M found a website that people could swap their stickers.  He used but there are a few to choose from.  As he was no longer school age and non of his friends were collecting the stickers it was the only way for him to get the stickers he needed by swapping. 

He put his stickers in numerical order so they were easy to find when people asked for swaps.

Nightly "deals" took place and small packages started arriving in the post.

Within 3 weeks of buying the album he had completed it!!!  Well over a month before the World Cup even started. 

Is Baby M thrilled that "his" album is completed?? I'm sure he's over the moon!! I know the big kid in the house is very chuffed with himself for completing the album.