Thursday, 8 May 2014

Finding things to keep us busy

With Mr M going back to work I found last week a little different from what we had become used to

Baby M was lucky that he had both of us around from him being born and we could do lots of family things together.  I am so pleased that Mr M is feeling better and is now back at work but it's different.

Last week I took Baby M to swimming but all the other mornings Mr M was at work during his phased return Baby M just had his bottles, we played a little then he napped.  Then Mr M was home.  By the end of the week I was feeling a little lonely and lost.

I decided to be proactive and do something about this.

I regularly try to meet up with friends but with everyone I know at work I don't see them as often as I wold like.  One of my friends has a little girl who is 2, we went to a play barn last week and whilst Baby M is too little to really enjoy anything it looked like somewhere I will definitely take him once he's older.

I have also looked into more groups I can go to.  I have discovered 3 new groups, on top of swimming, that aren't far from the house and we can go to.  That will leave us 3 days where we don't have anything on, 1 of them will be a Sunday so that will be family time, the other 2 will be during the week so Baby M & I can catch up with friends and have bonding time.  I have also looked up games we can play that will encourage his development.  As a first time mum I sometimes worry I'm not doing things right and I'm missing things that can help Baby M develop.  (Crazy I know!! It's the "wanting to do the best" part of me)

I want to enjoy the time I have left on maternity leave - everyone keeps asking me when I am going back to work- really this is the last thing I want to think about!!

I will let you know how our new plans go!