Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Swimming - class 9 - our last beginners class

I have mixed emotions about our beginners class coming to an end.

I am sad because the other mums in the class are starting beginners again at a new pool on the same day as the beginners class whereas we are moving onto the next class at a different pool on a different day.  The reason we decided to do that is after this next batch of lessons I will be going back to work so won't be able to go on a Tuesday anymore.  When we were told the current pool was no longer going to be used and we had options it made sense to pick a Saturday class now so we didn't have to change days again.

I won't be sad to see the back of the pool we have been using though, it's been so cold!!  Baby M is temperature sensitive and on days it's been very cold he just hasn't enjoyed his class.

Sadly the pool was very cold for our last lesson and Baby M just wouldn't settle.  He enjoyed his splish splash and some swimming but he was whimpering through most of the lesson

I am hoping when we go to the new pool he will enjoy it more as it is a thermal hydrotherapy pool and much warmer.

We start our new class next Saturday, I'm a little anxious but I'm sure he will be fine.  I just want him to enjoy his classes