Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mummy Baking - Banana Loaf

I love baking!! I'm no Mary Berry but I do enjoy it.  I have to be careful what I bake though with Mr M being a Type 1 diabetic I like to make sure he can enjoy what I bake too.  I use Splenda instead of sugar when baking to make it more diabetic friendly.

One of our favourite bakes is Banana Loaf.

Mr M won't eat banana's once the skin has bruises on it (he thinks the banana is off - no matter how many times I tell him they are still quite edible!!)

You need butter (or vitalite in our house as I am lactose intolerant and it's dairy free), 2 eggs, self raising flour, Splenda (or sugar), 2 bananas, a loaf tin, scales and mixing bowls.

Pre heat your oven to 180 degrees.

Butter/margarine the inside of your loaf tin

Put 7 teaspoons of Splenda in a bowl (or 175g sugar)

Add 125g butter/margarine to the bowl

Mix this together.  Add your 2 eggs

I whisk the eggs into the mix but you can use a wooden spoon

Measure out 250g self raising flour and gradually add this to the mix, stirring as you go (with a wooden spoon)

Once all the flour is added and mixed in, mash up your 2 bananas and add them to the mix

Stir in the bananas

Place your mix in your loaf tin

Place in the oven for 45 minutes.  Check with a skewer that the loaf is cooked through.  Turn out onto a cooling rack (or in my case a shelf of my oven with kitchen roll on it)

Once cooled cut and enjoy :)

A really tasty recipe!