Monday, 14 April 2014

Searching for Shipwrecks

My mum has been visiting for the weekend and as the weather has been nice we decided to go for a walk with Baby M.

The Fylde Coast has become a little bit of a ship graveyard - the first shipwreck was the Travers in 1755 and the last was the MS Riverdance in 2008. 

The beach where we live is beautiful and clear.  Great for families

Further along the beach there is a memorial to all the ships that have run a ground along the coast.  As you can see here is a long list!

Down the side of the memorial is a list which is easier to read

When you peer through the hole in the memorial and the tide is out you can see the shipwreck of the Abana.

The Abana was a Norwegian ship that in 1894 was traveling from Liverpool to Florida when it got caught in the storm.  The ship thought the recently built Blackpool Tower was a lighthouse and wrecked on the beach.

The shipwreck can be seen in the distance.

I've walked past this lots of times but I didn't know the story behind the wreck.  I remember the MS Riverdance ferry running a ground and being on the news - I hadn't moved to the area at that time.  I also didn't realise there had been so many shipwrecks in such a small area! Nowadays the only ships you really see are the Heysham-Isle of Man ferry. 

I want Baby M to know there is a lot of history and interest in the area.

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