Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Swimming - class 7

This week swimming was back after a 2 week break for Easter

It's amazing how much can change in 2 weeks! Before the break Baby M had been thrown by the clocks going forward but now he is sleeping well through the night and had his bottle at a really good time.  We even managed a 20 minute nap before our class

It was great to see everyone after the break and everyone has grown!

It was like we'd never been on a break, the babies really enjoyed their class. 

We did our usual lesson plan and our underwater swims were unassisted.  Baby M did great but still seems to feel the cold. 

Our last underwater swim was brilliant as mum's we donned our goggles for the first time and as our instructor lowered baby into the water we went down too and could see them for the first time underwater.  It was really special!!

We have 2 weeks of class left (we started a week later than everyone else) and then we move to another pool.  I have really enjoyed the lessons but I can't wait to move to the other pool.  It's a hydrotherapy pool and the instructor says it's the warmest pool she teaches at.  The pool we currently go to is at a hotel and Baby M just doesn't like the cold water on his head.  He is so sensitive to temperature anyway - you can tell when he is too hot or cold as he proper cries. 

I loved going underwater with Baby M this week and look forward to doing it again