Monday, 7 April 2014

Big Boy in his Big Boy Cot

We have been putting it off but we finally moved Baby M into his cot.

He has been getting far too big for his moses basket but our lack of courage has stopped us moving him into his cot because it means he now sleeps in his own room.

I know the guidelines are that Baby should sleep in your room until they are 6 months old but our bedroom just won't facilitate that, the room just isn't big enough. 

We picked a night (and we were going to change it but after a panic we stuck to our guns).  We chose Tuesday night last week as Baby M has swimming on a that day and we thought that might help him sleep better at night, hes usually shattered. 

We have an Angelcare monitor which not only monitors sound but movement with a sensor pad.  We put the sensor pad wires through the bottom of the cot bed as it has slats so there is no way Baby M can get to the wires.  An alarm sounds if there is no movement detected for 20 seconds.  I know ours works fine as I forgot the turn the monitor off when I picked Baby M up and the alarm went off (scaring Mr M half to death!)

We also use sleeping bags so that Baby M doesn't have any covers near him and can't put these covers over himself.

I know we had taken all safety precautions we could think of but that first night I hardly slept a wink!!  Was the monitor working?? Why is it quiet?? There's a noise - what was that noise?? He whimpered - is he ok??  There was one moment where there was a lot of rustling on the monitor and I got myself in a panic that Baby M was stuck (I have no idea what he would be stuck on though!) so I went into his room and he was just having a wriggle and throwing his arms about.

Baby M has slept absolutely fine every night!!!! He doesn't seem bothered.  Yes his has a little grumble when we put him down but he did that in his moses basket.  He also has a few grumbles through the night as well but again these happened when he was in his moses basket.  He isn't battering his hands and feet off the moses basket anymore, which is great.  He is sleeping longer into the morning, he would wake at 530-6 when in our room but the past 2 mornings he has woken up at 7-730.  Good boy!!

My sleep is improving although because I know Mr M won't hear Baby M (he's a typical man and goes deaf when he goes to sleep) I am still probably quite alert and not in a deep sleep.  We have the monitor on the sound activated setting so any noise sets the monitor off in our room.  Because Baby M is still waking for feeds in the night I want to be able to hear him stirring so I can make his bottle.

I'm so proud of him sleeping in his cot and how well he has taken to it.  He's such a star.