Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Daddy is feeling much better

Daddy is feeling much better.

So much so that he is going back to work.

I am so happy that he is working along his path of recovery and now feels like he can return to work. 

I do worry about how I will manage on my own with Baby M as we've had daddy with us all this time.  Part of me is also really excited about having time with Baby M on my own and have mummy/baby time.

Baby M is 4 months old now and I feel a lot more confident in my parenting ability than I did at the start.  Out of the 2 of us I am happy to put Baby M in his chair or playmat so I can get things done whereas Daddy likes to have him in his arms - I'm not sure if some of that is because of how he was feeling though.  Everyone loves cuddles!

Mr M has done so well and I am so proud of him. 

We have tried to work as a team throughout, although I think it helps I work in the mental health field.  Whilst Mr M has been waiting for counseling/CBT from services we have already been doing some of the work.  When he feels anxious or has a worrying thought we talk about it.  I challenge him about what he thinks will happen - what is the worse case scenario and what is the best?  How likely is it that what he is worrying about will happen?  What will he do if it does?  What can he do to reduce these worries?  How can he distract himself?  There are lots of self help websites and books out there and some of them are helpful but I think you need someone to talk through alongside them.

Mr M has found the constant questioning of when he is going back to work and when will he feel better slightly detrimental to his recovery.  I know people are trying to be helpful and showing concern but mental health issues aren't the same as breaking your leg or having a bug.  You can't just wear a cast or take some antibiotics and you're fine.  There is no quick fix!! There's no magic pill!! I can't tell you how many times in my professional life I have wished I had a magic wand that I could wave and make everything ok for people.

Mr M is still working hard to walk along his path of recovery but he is doing really well and I am so proud of him. 

If you're affected by any mental health issues please don't feel you have to suffer in silence, the best thing you can do is talk.  Whether it be to your GP, a friend, a family member or one of the various charities out there - you are not alone