Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Stylfile Nipper Clipper - Review

Baby M has talons.  It can really hurt when he nips.  He has a really good grip too!

I wanted to get nail clippers that would hep manage the talon situation but were also aimed at babies.

I discovered Nipper Clipper from Stylfile.  Stylfile was created by 2011 Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau.  He invented the Nipper Clipper when he found out he was going to be a dad.

The Nipper Clipper comes with a nail clipper, nail file and also a distraction app which is available in the Apple Store

I love the nail clippers as they are easy to hold with the chunky grip and the have an eye hole so you can see baby's nail.  They are quiet too, there's no 'clipping' noise to frighten baby. 

The nail file is perfect baby size and with it's S shape is again easy to hold and use on baby's nails.  It helps make sure the nails are smooth.

The app is great - it's an octopus that changes into various things and then objects and letters fall down the screen whilst fun music and giggling in played in the background.  The octopus also says "Baby" to get Baby's attention before each change.  There are 3 settings from newborn which is auto control to your baby controlling the app with their gurgles and voice. 

The only downside of the app is it is only available on Apple devices so if you don't have one of them you're a little stuck.

I find it easier when I use the app for Baby M to sit on my knee and my cut his nails and Mr M hold the app.  We tried him sitting on Mr M's lap whilst Mr M held the app and I cut Baby M's nails but i found that much more fiddly.

RRP is £9.99 although we got our from Amazon for £8.94.

I love the Nipper Clipper - I can safely cut Baby M's nails with the clippers and see what I am doing.  The nail file is great too for making sure there aren't any jagged edges left.  The app is a lovely added bonus but I think I will use it pretty rarely - maybe when Baby M is a little older I might use it more and he needs distracting but at the moment I wouldn't cut his nails if he was upset anyway.

I'd recommend this product

Disclaimer: I bought this product due to the fact I thought it would be useful for Baby M.  No review was promised and I didn't receive any payment for this review

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