Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cuski Comforter - Review

I know not every baby needs comforting but I've been surprised by Baby M.

I thought he was going to be a thumb sucker - yes he puts his thumb and his fingers in his mouth but I think this is more due to finding himself and possible teething issues rather than comfort.

Baby M did have a dummy sometimes when he was upset when he was very young but recently giving him a dummy seems to upset him more rather than offer comfort.

We have introduced a Cuski comforter.

The idea is that Mummy/Daddy sleep with the Cuski (or in our case put it down their top) to transfer your scent to the Cuski.  You then give the Cuski to baby.  Baby will then feel safe due to your smell and feel like you are close to them and drift off to sleep.

Baby M always falls asleep on us and this is his preferred way of falling asleep, we thought having a Cuski might mean he will eventually fall asleep without us needing to cuddle him to sleep.

Baby M likes to have Cuski with him during the day at times too.  Although the Cuski is not a teether Baby M does put it in his mouth sometimes, he likes the knots on the end.  We try to encourage him to just use it as a comforter but it's hard as everything is going in his mouth at the moment.

We've moved Baby M to his cot this week so we hope that having his Cuski will make that transfer nice and smooth.

We have the Cool Dude comforter which is made from muslin, it is soooo soft!It really easy to clean to, you can put it in the washing machine and tumble dryer!!

I would recommend a Cuski comforter, especially if your baby is like Baby M and isn't keen on dummies, or if you don't want baby to have a dummy this is a great alternative!

A muslin comforter like ours is £17.99 or a bamboo yarn comforter is £16.99

Disclaimer:  No money was exchanged for this review, I purchased this Cuski myself and no review was promised.  Views are my own.

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